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The Importance Of Terrain In Wargaming

Regardless of the time period, content, or story there are three elements to any wargaming system… The first of course is the miniatures, be they fantasy warriors, futuristic knights, or grim faced soldiers tasked with taking the field. We spend a ton of tie collecting, modeling, and painting our small avatars and for many this is the main attraction to the hobby, or dare I say lifestyle. Next element is the rules as they provide Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Battle Report: House Davion Strikes Back

The mercs raiding Davion space were well funded… …very well funded. Lightning fast raids with light and medium mechs, assault mechs for frontal assaults, and enough unmarked jump ships to get them in and out. For months they operated hit and run taking supplies and causing as much damage as they could before House Davion could respond. Battling the mercs, Davion intelligence tracked them back to a small, but well fortified base, obviously funded by Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blackstone Fortress

Warhammer 40K Blackstone Fortress UR-025 Tactics

I’ve been waiting to play a game like Blackstone Fortress, a chance to explore that narrative in Warhammer 40K for a long time… …and now, not only that, but also a chance to explore the lore behind the men of iron. Enter UR-025. At it’s heart Blackstone Fortress is still a dungeon crawl/light RPG team game. Players need to build a “party” and enter the “dungeon”. Certainly with some skill and luck, players can use Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago

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