Blog Post: Chain Of Command

Chain Of Command WW II Battle Report: Operation Overlord

Chain of Command WW II: Operation Overlord has commenced. The allies have pushed past the beach fortifications and the invasion of fortress Europe has begun.  Playing the Germans, I’ve been tasked with holding a critical road juncture while forces from the rear can dig in, and armor support can push forward- some new wonder weapons and other surprises for the newly arrived Americans. Men. Just men, is all I have. But we do have half Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Post: Warhammer 40K

Primaris Marines Are Going To Replace Regular Space Marines

  A little speculation here from somebody who has been playing, enjoying, and backing Warhammer 40K for a long time. Players were whispering about it at the start of 8th edition, but it seemed to calm down. I don’t believe the sentiment has died. Primaris marines are going to replace all your Space Marine models. Just give Games Workshop a little more time. Space Marines are the number one seller in the Grimdark (TM). Chances Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Tactics: Hardest Mech To Destroy?

Balancing out the Urbanmech post from last week, this week’s BATTLETECH post swings over to the other side with a vote for the hardest mech to put down in the game. Keeping it at inner sphere/sucession wars era, and barring a lucky critical hit or head shot, what is your vote for the mech? Also, take into account damage output of the mech, making it a major threat on the table, which means we are Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago

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