Godtear Tactics: Terrain

Unpacking the amazing Godtear starter set(s), the amazing miniatures, and fantastic themed battle board one might ask: where is the terrain?

As a skirmish miniature based game, don’t we need some terrain to fight over.

In Godtear the tears *are* the terrain- both terrain and objectives combined.

They are terrain in that they block most movement- champions and (currently) Froglodites excepted, but they are also objectives in that they give and score points in planting banners.

However, unlike many wargaming or skirmish systems, the *terrain* in Godtear is dynamic.

Tears grow, shrink, and move.

Certain warbands can move them, select champions can create them.

One has to plan for that dynamic nature in approaching them as terrain.

Let’s explore the idea of fusion in more detail in my vlog below.

Tabletop immortality is yours.

Take it!