Friday, February 2, 2024

Learning A New Wargaming System.

The pressure is on.

You just started that new wargaming system and you need to get good fast.

Club reputation is on the line…

Here is how I have cut down that learning curve anytime I started a new system, and recently it was the DNA blueprint I used when I started playing Godtear.

First step is to play ten or so games without any attachment. Yes, we are aiming to win and give a strong game, but at this point getting the flow down is more important vs. winning. Think of these first ten games as not counting towards your personal wargaming record.

Focus on the mechanics of the turn for the game- what happens in that movement phase, in that shooting phase, in that command phase?

Understand the flow of the game so you can begin to approach how the rules work, followed by overlaying your tactics later.

If possible, play the game with another gaming friend on your side- two vs. two games are best when learning as you now have four sets of eyes figuring it out and working through the game.

After those ten or so games, now you will have enough base to build in looking at lists, tactics, and missions.

See you on the tabletop.

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