Blog Post: Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K Shadow War Armageddon Tactics

I’m a BIG believer in getting the most out of your model collections, and for Warhammer 40K that means exploring some of the smaller side stories in the grimdark universe. Not everything is a major planet changing battle. Many heroic battles are fought between a half or dozen or less men, xenos, or beasts… What I find especially challenging is that smaller model based games are similar to “regular” 40K but the tactics are VERY Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago
Blog Post: Battletech

Battletech Tactics: Must Have Vehicles

Following up on an incoming blog email and some comments… …Fritz, what is your vote for “best” vehicles on BATTLETECH- what are the must have units? I’ll share mine, and you share your opinions so I can add those suggested vehicles to my lists and lances. First up would be the Karnov transport (above), which giving credit to where it is due, goes to my friend DAVE, who has used these to brutal effect in Read more…

By Wargamer Fritz, ago