X-Wing Miniatures Core Tactics

X-Wing miniatures fundamental core tactics: always stay on target.

Independent of the ships that you are running, your list, and the mission, there are two fundamental mechanics of the game that are always in play.

When layered over your list, these two primary tactics give you an advantage.

The first is to always fly in formation, fly your ships big and small in a block.

This way the primary and any secondary firing arcs can overlap. When you get something in that arc, you can hit it with multiple ships. You never want to engage one on one, but rather two, three, or four + on one.

The idea of a lone ship flying off somewhere to come around behind- leave that for the movies.

Second primary tactica is volume of dice- being able to generate the most dice in each firing arc and being able to manipulate that pool of dice- getting to re-roll or change dice.

More fundamental X-Wing Miniatures tactica following the mechanics in my vlog below.

See you in the game!

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