Warhammer 40K: Preparing The Chaos Warband

Under his name I murdered millions, and now that I am against his name his followers cry for every life we take…

Preparations are underway for a new Black Crusade, as ships full of Chaos Space Marines, heretics, cultists, and mutants prepare to strike against the Adeptus Mechanicus facilities in the far rim.

Our actions in the days ahead will shake the very Halls of Mars!

I’ve brought my warband to join the crusade, joining a loose alignment of Captains, warlords, and commanders.

As the last remains of the World Eater Legion, we will be making planetside first, Khorne would not have it any other way.

The first wave will be the elite of the 1st company, Champions of Khorne, poised to strike at key Imperial targets.

Followed  by waves of cultists who seek but a shard of Khornate glory.

World Eaters will follow, along with siege engines and technological terrors from the Dark Mechanicus.

We will see who takes the glory from the field this day.

Hail Horus!

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