Wargaming Tactics: Post Game Tactica

I view wargaming as a chance to step outside of space and time.

To live and challenge oneself in a alternate world.

To make decisions as a hero of the story.

The idea of pulling together miniatures, terrain, an exiting mission, and friends to rolls some dice, blow some stuff up, and create lasting memories and friendships, while exploring this alternate world.

As such, one of the fundamental rules that I uphold is to always play the game out to the end- no matter what is happening.

I am going to do my best tactically to win, but sometimes after a few turns it is a lost cause…

At that moment what do you do?

Finish the game!

Out of respect for your opponent who is also taking time out of real life to play, respect for the simulation of the game, respect as a commander to make those hard decisions even in defeat.

Make that victory for your opponent a hard won and costly one.

Post game…

If I got the smackdown, I try to use the time we are cleaning up the table and putting our terrain and miniatures away to debrief with my opponent.


Could they figure out my plans?

When and how did they know how to counter?

How could I have changed my list?

What plans did my opponent have that I was able to counter, and how did they adapt?

Use the debrief to cut down on the learning curve on your way to victory.

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