Wargaming Tactics: Deployment

The table is set up, models are out, mission determined, and you have rolled for sides…

…time for deployment.

It would be easy to think that the game starts on turn one- that is where the action begins with moving, attacking, and using unit powers.

Don’t overlook that advantage of deployment- the chance to give yourself a massive boost of momentum for that first and few turns after till the mid game.

First consideration in deployment- what units do you have, and what units can you get place down in your deployment zone to get to the mid field of the table.

Independent of the mission, taking control of the mid-field, the center of the gaming table is *key*.

This puts up a buffer of units that regardless of the mission your opponent has to deal with, while at the same time cutting down on his movement options on the table- which will effect the ability to complete the mission.

A mixture of fast moving, low battle value/points, and survivability ready to move out and hold the center- where in your deployment zone can the go in order to move out?

Layering your units based on the speed of them, and the mission objectives is next. Capturing key points on the table based on the mission and types of terrain is important tactically.

Fast stuff at the edge of deployment so it can move out, slower stuff in the back.

Consider with your units how you can move out and shoot out on turn one for the biggest advantage on turn one.

On the opposite side, what is your plan to stop your opponent’s ability to move out- to shut down deployment on their table side? Do you have any fast moving unit or special movement units that can zip out and just camp in the opposing deployment zone? Units that can just camp and force your opponent to waste a few game turns trying to get rid of them?

How can you maximize your deployment and shut down opposing deployment.

Use the deployment of key units to give you an advantage of momentum on the first turn.

The game *begins* with deployment.

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