Wargaming Tactics: Control The Random

The random.

The fog of war.

Simulated in a wargame through the use of dice, cards, or some other mechanic, dealing with the ability to hit, damage, and remove units from the game.

Similar effects with morale, movement, of repairs.

How many times have you needed to make that shot and miss?

How many times was it a literal long shot against an armored target and you got *lucky* and destroyed it on one hit?

We call this the random in wargaming, and with it we want to do the best that we can to influence or control it.


Based on the rules, what can you do to change or influence the dice?

Is there a way through a combination of units or abilities to get a re-roll on any misses?

Is there a way to upgrade and get a +1 on the dice?

Ways to upgrade hits to a critical hit?

Being able to influence the dice is *key*.

Likewise on the opposing side, ways to increase the random for your opponent?

Force them to re-roll hits through a power?

Ways to take or be in cover with your units giving them a -1 when attacked?

Looking through your ruleset what ways can you manipulate or change the dice?

See you in the game!

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