Zombicide Board Game Tactics

Zombicide Black Plague, Modern, and Invader- under the box all share the same core mechanics and DNA- lets build a tactica checklist to get the most WIN out of the game.

Much board game analysis has been given writing the game off as just a dice-fest of rolling dice and moving plastic figured- which is what one would expect from a board game perspective.

What about a wargaming perspective, something with a little more meta analysis?

Ready to jump in?

All the games share the idea of a timer, based on the size and inclusion of the zombie spawn deck.

Some modification based on the mission, spawn points, and size of the board- yet at the core, at each spawn point you flip a card and put out some zombies, activate a few extra, or with some bad luck spawn/activate an abomination super zombie.

The timer aspect is that every turn that passes, means more and more zombies spawn- filling out the board and cutting down on your movement and actions.

As the game progresses and the numbers grow movement matters and counts more and more- mobility to quickly move to safe zones or clean out large groups of zombies.

Which means, searching for items should happen, optimally happens at the start of the game where one can burn a turn searching. Gearing up and looting happens at the start.

By mid game, one does not have the time, so the gear you have is what you have.

Some of how much and how fast this timer counts down does depend on the spawn- drawing larger spawn cards or multiples per turn, but even with this we want to leverage some meta against it.

This is done by watching the level-up-color level of each player. As soon as one player moves to a new threat level, all the zombie spawn move up to that level. One want’s to try and level up the group as much the same as possible- this might mean passing some gear- food, apples, MRE, etc. or letting another player get some zombie kills in.

Higher threat levels spawn more zombies, and the players level- adding more movement, actions, and abilities need to keep pace, or else the in-game timer *really* takes over.

Explore more of this concept with my zombicide vlog below.

See you in the game!