Godtear Tactics: Raith ‘Marid

This week’s GODTEAR tactica post has us exploring the Champion Raith ‘Marid and his enigmatic splashlings.

Tactica starts with him as a shaper- gaining the +1 point for a claim action- which puts him at the center action of the game, going for those Godtears.

Mobility is going to be KEY with him, as it is with all Shapers, especially since Slayer champions are going to be incoming to any Godtear collections as a way to project power.

Countering this is the fact that Raith ‘Marid is mobile, compared to fast. His combo of moving splashlings, replacing one with him, and gaining a boon means he can move, claim, and buff. OR claim, move, and buff.

Raith also wants to make us of the TIDE ability of the Splashlings as a way to move a target one hex- perfect for pulling in a champion or follower in range of two or more champions as a way to pile on the dice in attacking.

More Raith ‘Marid Tactica in my vlog below- see you in the game!