Goadtear Winning Tactics: Dice Manipulation

In the past few GODTEAR posts we have been exploring some of the dynamic Champions and amazing warbands found in the narrative.

Building on this we are going to explore the DNA mechanics of the game, which is played out through the interactions of the various warbands and missions.

THE tactica that is in play regardless of the Champions you select.

That DNA?

The dice.

Dice manipulation in any wargame is important, in the dynamic gameplay of Godtear it is tactica #1.


Unlike other wargames which have a winner determined by the end of the game- Godtear is a sliding scale of points which are added up at the end of each round and at the end of the game.

What this means is that you *can* have a bad round and still come back and win the game.

You *can* have two bad rounds and come back and win the game- although hard, but not impossible.

This is unique to Godtear as most miniature skirmish games are weighted towards the end game- if you do enough damage in any one turn, you can literally knock the opponent out of winning the game.

Nobody likes the alpha-strike exploit used by meta and power gamers.

BUT, what this does mean with Godtear is that one has to be ready and on top of each turn- striving to win each turn so your opponent can’t come back.

This is done through the use of throwing out a boon or a bane to effect the break-through values of the dice. Understanding the dice pool that you start with based on the champion or powers used- and make sure they have the best effect.

EVERY critical dice roll you make should be buffed.

EVERY critical dice roll your opponent makes should be de-buffed.

More on this tactica concept on dice manipulation in the vlog below.

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!