Battletech AI Controlled Missions

Most of my Battletech games are 1 vs. 1.

Mechs clashing in mighty battles, the failure of diplomacy and stealth.

But what about exploring different missions?

Spicing things up and making the most out of our combined model collections- yours and your opponent?

What about an AI third player?

We played a mission where a Kurita informant was looking to exit off world, while a mercenary company and Davion forces moved to intercept.

I played the merc force, my friend Davion and the informant was played by a flow-chart AI we made up.

The informant was in a hover tank guarded by two hertzer tanks.

Each turn the group would move full speed down the road, and if needed fire on the closest target. If there were multiple same distance targets it would be a random dice off.

Played this way there was a chance, if the informant made it off table that both of us could lose the mission.

What about 3 player or game master controlled missions?

More mission tactica in my battletech vlog below.