Battletech Mech Review: Longbow

Moving to the heavier Battletech mechs one now finds enough tonnage to work with in terms of adding multiple weapon systems and large amounts of armor.

Many assault class mechs are able to carry a variety of weapons both energy and ballistic able to engage at multiple ranges.

BUT, we also now start to see the rise of dedicated role based machines- taking all the tonnage and battle value, pouring all in a single role.

The Longbow as a support role based mech.

Tactics start with the two LRM 20 packs which have the dual treat of redundancy and spread.

Redundancy is where in Battletech you have two or more of the same weapon systems, which increases your ability to hit with at least one or more of that system because you can attack with multiples of the same.

Second threat is the spread of the 20 missiles- an average roll on the table will give a good spread, a legendary roll will deal even larger damage.

Bolster the 20 pack with the two 5 packs for more redundancy and punch.

The Longbow gives us the potential to put down 50 LRM missiles real time each turn.

So how to use it?

Direct fire and indirect fire.

In taking the Longbow one is going to want a vehicle or a mech to act as a spotter. Locusts, hover tanks, and VTOL unites like the Warrior or Karnov are excellent choices.

This allows the Longbow to sit safe behind cover, out of line of sight and fire away every turn.

However, this specialization comes at a price- the heavy slots internally of taking LRM packs and the ammo required to use them means not a ton of armor on this mech- especially as an assault classed mech, and it is vulnerable to ammo explosions if things go internal.

It DOES have the two medium lasers to drive off lighter mechs or engage units that get close and under the minimums of the LRM packs, but if this is happening one is in trouble- the Longbow doesn’t have the armor or staying power despite it tonnage to be in a fight with a dedicated medium, heavy, or assault. For this use a blocking or supporting unit like a Demolisher tank or a Warhammer.

More Battletech Longbow tactics with my vlog below- an excellent mech at delivering LRM support, matched by few other units in the inner sphere.

See you in the game!