Battletech Mech Tactics: Battlemaster

In the BATTLETECH narrative the Battlemaster is one of the most feared and potent mech in the inner-sphere.

A literal master of battle, dedicated to the assault, a lance in itself- but how does it hold up on the hex-table?

Let’s explore a checklist of tactia, followed by my Battlemaster vlog below…

The Battlemaster is a mech of constant pressure- starting at range it wants to get closer and closer every turn- point blank to the target where it array of weapons can all work together.

We start with the PPC which is not the main attraction- it gives the mech something to do on the way in, something to fire at range, and start softening up targets before the other weapons get in range- the PPC being the most potent weapon weapon in the inner-sphere.

Once the Battlemaster moves to medium and close it switches to the medium lasers and missiles, followed by the machines guns.

The key is knowing when to stop firing the PPC to conserve heat so one fire the brace of medium lasers.

Pick your target on the hex map, close, and bring all the battle value of the Battlemaster to bear on a single target.

See you in the game!