Wargaming Tactics: List Building

When does that first turn of wargaming start?

For many it would be correct to say on the first turn after deployment and agreeing on a mission or scenario.

However, there are a few pre-game considerations that we want to keep in mind and look out for to give us that advantage of momentum to use on the first turn when the game starts.


While your opponent is pulling out models and setting up for deployment the question to ask- independent of the mission is what are the tactics in use for the models & units that they have selected?

What are the strengths of the units, and what other units have they selected to leverage those strengths?

A well built and focused army list is *very* transparent in that it will leverage a very specific tactical approach on the table- if this approach is successful will very much depend on the player fielding the army- can they pull off the tactica?

Understanding what the units when combined and working together are going to attempt on the table is the first step in countering it- instead of reacting each turn depending on what the opponent does, look at your own list and tactia checklist and formulate how to shut that opposing list down each turn.

What is the list going to do, and how is it going to do it- have those responses ready before deployment and first turn.

Bonus points: What is your list going to do on the table, how would your opponent try and stop it, and what is the counter you have planned for the counter?