Wargaming Tactics: The Joust

This week’s Wargaming tactics post has us exploring the tactica of the joust- something to consider on the table, and add to your tactics toolkit regardless of the system(s) that you play.

Tactically the joust is easy to execute on the table- zoom a unit towards an incoming unit, trade shots or attacks at each other and make a pass by.

You are literally jousting past.

You are guaranteed to be able to attack the opposing unit,  but in turn they get a chance to attack you.

Ideally when attacking in any wargaming, through movement and positioning you want to attack a target without it being able to attack back, and or attack it with multiple supporting units- 3 to 1 , etc.

But this can be and should be hard to pull off- no opponent is just going to let you roll up for free.

The joust works because it *is* easy to make a straight line for the target and engage, taking the risk of return fire.

Yet, there are tactics to this also- ideally attacking with a unit with a higher damage output or better armor, looking to inflict the most amount of best possible damage and in turn take the least amount.

Ready for more tactica? In my vlog below we explore the joust in further detail, looking at it from the perspective of the Wings of Glory World War I wargame.

See you in the game!