Godtear: Which Warband To Start With?

You picked up the first or both Godtear starter sets and are ready for your ascension to tabletop immortality…

…so which warband is first?

With so many choices where do you jump in?

After one has learned the rules, we begin to develop a player personality- what kind of warbands and combinations do you want to play, do you enjoy playing?

Brick to the face tactics?

Throwing out curses and combinations?

LOTS of choices.

As you are on your way to that discovery, for that firs warband or two- to compliment the starter set(s), I would recommend looking at the Slayer warbands since they both bring immediate tactics to the table, but also offer later chances for combinations and builds as you move to three warbands on the table.

More on the choices are explored in the vlog below.

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!

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