Godtear Tactics: Warband Priority

Continuing our tabletop quest for immortality, in this week’s GODTEAR tactica post we are going to explore the idea of target priority and build a checklist.

In what order of importance are we looking to earn points each turn?

Planting banners and crushing banners is first- this earns you points at the end of the phase and bonus points depending on warbands, and when crushing a banner denies the opponent points.

Defeating minions is next on the list as they both earn points, and reduce the dice pool for your opponent with what they can attack with.

Champions are last, as while they do earn the most points, they are hard to kill and are vulnerable to the swing of the attack dice.

Continue the target priority tactica with my vlog below.

See you in the game- tabletop immortality is yours, take it!

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