Godtear Tactics: Rattlebone

Continuing our quest for tabletop immortality with Godtear, this weeks warband review looks at Rattlebone.

Yet, before we can *truly* understand potentially one of the most powerful warbands in the game, a fundamental needs to be explored- a fundamental of the Godtear system, and any dice-based skirmish wargame.

With each warband there are constants that you can control- the stats of the models and how they move and act.

There are also constants that you can’t control- the dice to attack or defend, they are random. One can only influence them- by manipulating them, and in Godtear that comes by throwing out boons and banes, curses and blessing, binary +1 or -1.

This is tactically *powerful* because you can buff your own models, and de-buff your opponents…

…which leads us to Rattlebone.

Combined with the hexlings, Rattlebone is a curse factory- throwing out curses to lower the stats on the next dice roll of the champion or unit, which when combined with the mobility of the hexlings through Rattlebone’s ability means you can reliably curse most of the map where you need it.

However, this specialization comes at a cost of not having much else in terms of alpha or attack, which means Rattlebone is best used in larger (3-4) warband games where you have other champions to deal with attack, defense, and area denial.

Ready to take the tactica deeper?

Check out my vlog below on Rattlebone.

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!


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