What kind of games and systems do I enjoy and regularly play?

As a wargaming enthusiast I am always ready to engage and explore any wargaming narrative. Yet, there are a number of games that remain a stead staple in my wargaming diet, contributing to my tactica and evolving strategies.

Why wargaming? A chance to build, paint, collect, and play with miniatures in a miniature world with good friends, creating tabletop memories and glory.

A chance to step outside the boundaries of space and time for a while, and exist in the narrative of the game.

An opportunity to make hard tactical decisions and test the bending of fate.


Battletech is a perfect fusion of sci-fi narrative, giant mechs, and tactical strategy captured in a wargaming ruleset. To say that Battletech occupies an important part of my gaming life would be an understatement.

If I ad to pick *one* element of the game which keep my in play it would be the tremendous damage that these machines can take in the game- imagining oneself as a mechwarrior piloting a mech as it fights on the field of battle. Just how much longer do you keep pushing the mech, or do you pull back to higher ground?

On the historical side Chain of Command WW II has allowed me to explore various historical battles while commanding lots of TANKS. The golden age of tanks…

What I have enjoyed the most about exploring historical wargaming is that one is not in command of of super human space marines, but rather men, often tasked with the impossible. Exploring those outcomes, what will be the result on the table?

Godtear is a relatively new title that I have been waiting my entire wargaming life to find and play. Engaging story, fast play rules, quick setup, and the game scales flawlessly as one plays multiple warbands.

Everything about the game is solid.

Take command of various champions and vie for tabletop glory in a quest for immortality.

One can never have enough mechs in the collection, and Pacific Rim: Extinction satisfies the mech appetite from another angle. Heroic sized miniatures, man-doll size, fighting Kaiju monsters, using a solid ruleset by one of the greatest game designers of all time.

…and then we bring in a stable of board games for those times when I can’t get a wargame in. Titles such as Conan, Dark Souls, Nemesis, Zombicide: Invader, HeroQuest, Blackstone Fortress, and other *miniature* board games offer a chance to pull in some of those wargaming tactics and transition them over to the board gaming community.