Chain Of Command WW II: Sherman Vs. Panzer III

With the invasion of Fortress Europe underway, orders for a mixed unit of Germans to hold the crossroads of a small village against incoming American forces from the beach.

Infantry squads taking up positions behind the walls, and MG 42 team set up in one of the top floors of the building, and a Panzer III hidden at the far end of the forest.

Slowly the Americans advance on the road, scouts pushing ahead, a Sherman tank taking up the rear.

The Panzer III is no match for the Sherman at range, need to draw it out. The MG 42 team opens fire on the American infantry, scattering them, and pinning them as they return fire.

In support the Sherman begins to shell the building, as the III returns fire, with everything going hot.

Closing on the American infantry, the III switches to high explosive, which forces the Sherman’s hand.

Quickly turning to a close range tank vs. tank duel.

The Americans have the better machines, but the Germans leverage better combat experience, scoring two direct hits on the Sherman knocking it out.

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