HeroQuest Board Game Tactics

Beyond the narrative of an epic-board-game quest and tales of glory, one of the interesting features of HeroQuest is the two distinct and different angles of the game- a group of hero players vs. an overlord/wizard Zargon.

As the overlord player- the quest master it is your duty to destroy the player, using the might and magic of your minions- exploring that angle of the story from.

In this post and follow-up vlog we are going to explore some of the tactica, build a checklist of tactics to use against the hero players.

For each quest in the game there are three potential paths in exploring the board, since one does not really know where the end quests objective is.

Wandering around by chance has three potential meta-outcomes.

The first is that the party get’s lucky and stumbles on the quest objective quickly.

The second is that they explore half or so of the dungeon before finding it, and the third is that they explore all or most of the dungeon before finding it.

Most player groups will fall in the middle path, but there are a few driven by greed and the desire to find every gold coin in the dungeon, they will take the third path.

As Zargon, we *want* them to take the third way- discover and uncover everything.


It will allow us to spawn and mobilize the most monsters, while encouraging them to draw from the search deck as much as possible- making sure they get hit with traps and random monster spawns.

Exploration also allows them to wander  and potentially get hit by any set traps for the quest.

True, they will be uncovering gold along the way, but the balance is that as they get wounded, or continue to fight monsters, they will have to use any consumables and potions to keep going.

The aim of every quest is to first defeat the heroes, and second to bleed them of consumables, so in the down-phase of the game, when they go shopping, they need to spend any gold on potions and consumables.

Keeping the power level of the party in check as much as possible.

There is another way to *encourage* exploration in the game- get them on that third path- strategic use of the monsters which I explore further in the HeroQuest vlog below.

See you in the game!