Godtear Mission Tactics: Death

Where the tears of the gods bring life…

…they also bring death.

This week’s Godtear tactica has us exploring the mission DEATH.

In life where new ‘tears are spawned at the end of each turn, in death ‘tears are taken away from the starting groups on the tabletop.

Starting the game we have three groups- one mid field, and one on each side of the board. The mid field has four tears, the sides three.

Each turn has a player removing two tears.

For this mission *future* positioning is KEY.

We want to dominate the center of the table as not only does it have the most tears- lasing two full turns, but it also allows us to move out and past to the left or right once and if those tears are gone.

Two movement options, where if you castle up on the sides of the table, when those tears are gone, one can only move in one direction.

Camping on the center also allows one to but up a wall of champions or followers and radiate out both left or right to further claim tears and plant flags.

Bonus points for selection champions and warbands that can create or move tears to counter the number that vanish each turn.

More DEATH tactica in the vlog below.

Tabletop immortality is yours- take it!