Zombicide Modern: Z-Day Campaign

Before Z-Day I was nothing.

A muggle, an NPC, a normie. Now I am a God of War… We had been making our way through the Zombicide campaign, with a hardcore twist- pick your actor at the start of the game, and if you die, you die. No respawn. No healing surge. No do over. See who can escape the city, working and moving as a team…

We have enough food to keep on the move. Even found some gas, now all we need is a car. Police car looks good, just have to find the zombie with the uniform.

He was just a kid. Acts like he is immortal and this is some kind of video game. True to his Avatar, Joey has a hard time working as a team. Sometimes we spend more time keeping an eye on him vs. the walkers.

We are going in, find the zombie, grab the keys, and get back to the car. In and out before the swarm gains momentum. Silent like a ninja. Real talk: Joey, no guns this time. Keep moving and searching. We are not here to pad your high score. We have the keys…

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!


We warned you.

Leave him.

Die well.

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