Urbanmech UM-R60L “Duke of Death”

Urbanmech UM-R60L “Duke of Death”

It was during the defense of Kestal City, against invading House Kurita forces that Tor “Duke” Ettington and the 82nd Regulars, a mixture of light and medium mechs, infantry, and armor fought a delaying action until the city government could be evacuated.

During the urban battle, the 82nd was wiped out, with only Tor and a few of the other light mechs surviving- during the battle Tor’s mech took a direct PPC hit to the head, crippling Tor, and all but junking his mech.

Seeing something of worth in the man, Tor was hired by the Crimson Hand mercenary company, and extended a line of credit to repair his mech and his own shattered body.

Cybernetic and bionik implants followed, and Tor’s Urbanmech was rebuilt as the R60L variant, either reflecting a new outlook on life, having narrowly escaped death, or perhaps the resulting personality changes from the bionic implants.

“Why did we recruit him? Really, does any mercenary company really need an Urbanmech? Look, we can always find a use for another Locust? But an Urbanmech? It’s not the mech, but the man. Ettington is one of the few to survive a direct hit, I saw the vid-capture.

There was nothing left of the mech’s head, nothing. Any man that could walk away from that has some luck, and mercenaries need all the luck they can get.

That, and the fact that the man has no fear, none, something about the brain-implants.” ~Captain Jesnick, Commander of the Crimson Hand.

Dropping the AC 10 for an AC 20, removing the jump jets and ejection system in order to add some more armor, Tor “Duke” Ettington now pilots the Urbanmech “Duke of Death”, and has taken part in a dozen or so confirmed operations where his mech is always on the front line leading the attack.

“Is the man all there? No. Do you want somebody like that waving an Imperator class autocannon around? No. But somebody has to be the first into the fight, less incoming fire on the guys behind him right? ~ Private Hendrickson

“Command thinks it was the hit to the head. My lance mates think I’ve got something to prove. Why do I do what I do? I stopped taking life seriously after the battle of Kestal City. I thought about cashing out my mech and retiring to some back-water world. But where is the fun in that? You know what is fun? Blasting the big guys with an Urbanmech. It’s one thing to be sent to the ranks of the dispossessed from a Warhammer or an Awesome, it another to be sent by an Urbanmech. Think about that, now that’s funny. ~Private Tor “Duke” Ettington

Currently Private Ettington is awaiting repairs after engaging both an Atlas and Manticore class tank…

Always ready for the next mission, the rules of engagement for the “Duke of Death” are easy- first one in and last one out, although a bit challenging when your mech’s top speed is 20 mph.

Target spotted. Ready to join the ranks of the dispossessed due to the Duke of Death… BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Tor Eddington was also a key factor in the Crimson Hand’s success during the New Abilene campaign against House Davion.

During that battle he alone in his Urbanmech held up an entire wing of the Davion attack on the fuel depot north of the Space Port.

“Command, I’m going to need an extension on my line of credit…” 

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