Battletech Tactics: Your First Move

Hex maps are ready, mission set, and the lances are down.

BATTLETECH turn one, what is your first opening move?

Battletech is an amazing narrative game, and under the hood, the mechanics of the game are a constant battle of modifiers. Regardless of the mission and mechs there are certain calculations and considerations to be made on the way to victory.

So what are some of those calculations?

Let’s build a checklist of ideas, starting with the very first thing I consider at the start of every turn- my first move.

Distance and timing.

How far away, how many hexes away are your mechs?

Based on the types of mechs in your lance, modified by mission and terrain, how long will it take before you get 3-5 hexes away from my mechs?

How many turns will it take to cross the map and get to medium-short range on my mechs, bringing most of your weapons to shoot? That place where it is hard to disengage and pull away?

This calculation gives me a chance to figure out my volley of shots in relation to heat- making sure that I get the most shots in be it energy or ballistic, while making sure that when you *do* close I’m not all gassed out with heat.

Imagine I have a Warhammer and a Marauder- I usually do, as these are two of my favorite mechs.

Do I fire the PPCs- all 4 a turn?

That has some nice bite to it.


But if you close fast, I’m maxed on heat and now can’t use my medium lasers and SRM/AC effectively.

Based on this calculation, maybe I can fire all 4 followed by a turn of 1 each, followed by a turn of 4.

What is the fire rate calculation?

I’m going to turn it over to the comments and see what else can be added to the checklist, and I’ve uploaded my first move vlog below adding more examples of this idea.

See you in the game!


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