Battletech Tactics: Mobile HQ

Following up on the past few BATTLETECH posts, we have been exploring some of the various support class vehicles in the game.

Looking at how they can support the lance and tabletop tactics in the game. This week, it’s the Mobile HQ, which visually is actually a really nice model.

But how does it work on the tabletop?

Does it have a place in the tactica of the game? 320 battle value gets you a wheeled vehicle with a medium laser, rather light armor, and a suite of command and control equipment.

In game, based on the tactical operations, this gives you a bonus to initiative while the command truck is on the table- representing that tech gear in operation to command your lance. Tactically, any time you can gain an advantage in initiative that is a huge thing, but for the battle value, and lack of a combat role, I’d wager it would be better to sink that 320 battle value into infantry, which can get you multiple stands to burn if you lose initiative, AND they would be more combat effective.

In the game narrative it makes sense, and can definitely be used for themed missions, or as part of a mission objective, but tactically it kind of falls flat.

Still a nice model, very “Battletech” in appearance.

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