Battletech Tactics: Demolisher Tank

One of my core BATTLETECH tactica is that big guns never tire.

You can have your fancy plans, your outflank, and your meta-lists.

But when they come up against big guns- in this case with battle tech LRM 20 packs, PPCs, and my *favorite* AC/20- they evaporate.

So naturally I try to get a good command of big guns on the table- not that medium lasers and SRM packs are not important.

I also love playing tanks and infantry in Battletech- combined arms to support my lances.

With that the Demolisher is one of my favorite tanks.

We start with the big guns of course- two AC/20.

This is potent not only for damage, but also redundancy- having two increases the chances to hit, and few mechs in the game can take two hits- no mechs in the game want to take two AC/20 hits a turn.

In terms of armor, the Demolisher is well stocked and can take a good amount of hits, which when complimented with the AC/20 means it is going to be up and around for a while.

The counter?

The short range of the AC/20.

This shifts the tank to a more defensive role, or careful attack role.

Motive hits, especially side motive hits and critical hits can stop the tank cold, so one has to be careful- always looking to move to a place where *if* the tank does get immobilized, it is still a threat as a bunker due to the AC/20s being on a turret.

Side tactica, Demolishers are beast mode in cityfight games- places to hide and ambush and using the AC/20s to literally demolish buildings and remove opposing cover from opponents.

More Demolisher tactica in the vlog below- see you in the game!

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