Battletech Mech Tactics: Zeus

Incoming Battletech mech tactica…


God of war.

What is the role of the Zeus on the table?

An assault mech that should not be played like an assault mech? On the stock variant the AC 5 and LRM 15 define it to a very unique role. One of the role groups that I define in Battletech is that of the sniper. A mech that has the tripe threat of long range, firepower, and armor to move around on the table and snipe away at targets of opportunity.

Perhaps the classic sniper mech is the Griffin- with the PPC and LRM pack it plinks away dishing out damage, and runs away from confronted- with enough armor to take a hit or two- not that we want to take any hits.

But what about when you up the battle value?

More mechs, tanks, and stuff on the table means more return fire- so in the larger games you bring in the Zeus for a sniper mech. AC 5 and LRM pack at range, maybe even the large laser.

Being an assault mech it can slug it out a bit even if under-armed, so you can switch over to the medium lasers and plug any gaps in your lines.


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