Battletech Mech Tactics: Warhammer

The biggest challenge in BATTLETECH is that there are so many fun and amazing mechs to play on the table, and never enough battle value to play them all…

The Warhammer is one of my favorite ‘mechs, a classic among classics, but as an icon how does it perform on the table?

How can we get the best battle value out of this heavy mech?

We start with the dual PPCs.

Regarding Inner Sphere pre-clan invasion tech the PPC is the most powerful weapon in the game when balancing out range and damage, while not being dependent on ammunition.

Mounted in each arm it brings redundancy in shooting- potentially two shots to hit at range, and this is what the Warhammer is going to be opening with.

Firing at range with the PPC(s) to soften up the target and strip away armor- ideally punch through to internals somewhere.

On the management side- with both PPC’s in play and limited heat sinks, the Warhammer is vulnerable to heat- very vulnerable, so firing one/two/rest needs to be taken in account.

If the target is going to stay at range you can push the heat, but if they are going to close, or if you are going to close, managing heat is important for when the Warhammer’s secondary weapons come to play.

Once a break in armor has happened, the Warhammer wants to close and use the medium lasers to further weaken on the way in followed by the lasers, machine guns, and missiles to fire enough to strike and internals and potentially cause a critical hit.

Weaken. Close. Destroy.


Heat and heat management. Weak armor on the legs- heavy mechs countering the Warhammer should look to deliver kicks, and potential for ammo explosions due to the missiles and machine gun ammunition.

Continue to explore the Warhammer’s tactica in my Battletech vlog below.

See you in the game!

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