Battletech Mech Tactics: Vulcan

One of the interesting things about the Battletech meta is the idea that not all mechs are created equal per tonnage.

Looking through tech manuals, many mech are created for a very specific role- the Vulcan being a great example.

A medium battlemech designed not to fight other mechs, but to fight tanks, vehicles, infantry, and other ground support units.

Let’s take a look at our tactica checklist…

For long range anti-vehicle firepower the mech mounts an AC/2 followed by a medium laser as the primary tag-team for vehicles.

Closing the distance and engaging infantry the Vulcan switches over the a machine gun and flamer.

What this means is that in terms of engaging mechs- if forced to engage mechs firepower is closer to a light mech compared to other medium mechs.

So why a mech to fight vehicles and not other vehicles?


Vehicles are prone to motive hits on the damage chart along with immobilizations, while battlemechs are not. This gives the Vulcan a tremendous advantage in terms of acting and reacting.

More Vulcan tactica on my vlog below.

See you in the game!

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