Battletech Mech Tactics: Stalker

One of the most potent Battletech assault mechs in the Inner Sphere, the Stalker is an unstoppable force…

…for a high price in battle value.

One of the challenges of fielding such a powerful mech is that in a fixed battle value game, one has less units, and needs to get the maximum out of the Stalker every turn- which jumps us to our starting tactica in the vlog below.

The secret sauce of tactica for the Stalker is built on armor, range, and redundancy.

Armor as an assault mech which means it can keep taking hits on the way in to the target, and once engaged out-last targets while pouring on the firepower.

Perhaps even engaging 2-1 if they are medium mechs.

Range in that is can effective engage and hold at any range- long range with the LRM packs and large lasers, medium range with the medium lasers, and close in range with the medium lasers and SRM packs.

Bonus points for firing indirectly with the LRM packs.

Weapons in that it has redundancy at those range levels- two or more firing which increases the chance of hitting and scoring damage- and if the Stalker mechwarrior can keep the attack modifiers down, a chance to score multiple hits on the target in a single turn.

With the Stalker, engage and keep the pressure on.

See you in the game mechwarrior.

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