Battletech Mech Tactics: Phoenix Hawk

The Phoenix Hawk is *the* medium mech.

One of those mechs that when you don’t know the hex map, mission, or opposing forces you will be facing ahead of time, yet will have the tactica to deal with what comes on the table.

I consider the ‘Hawn an auto-include in your mech collection- and now we have a proper plastic sculpt for it.

The mix of armor and mobility with the jump jets, combined with the large laser, and two medium lasers means it is a threat to both medium and light mechs, and can put decent damage on a heavy mech, especially if it is running and gunning vs. going to head-to-head.

Add the machine guns for infantry and light vehicle work, and you have something for anything on the table.

Along with the Wolverine, the Phoenix Hawk is one of the best Inner Sphere mechs.

More ‘Hawk tactica in my BATTLETECH vlog below.

See you in the game mechwarrior.

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