Battletech Mech Tactics: Panther

A PPC on a light mech?

I’m sold!

As a light mech the Panther operates as both a fire support mech and a light mech hunter killer.

In Battletech, fire support mechs are mechs that move with the lance or battle group laying down constant long range fire to soften up targets before the close in fighting begins.

We see this on mechs with multiple auto cannons and LRM packs for range- but how to get the same effect on a light mech that doesn’t have the tonnage for such a setup?

The PPC- a combination of range and damage, along with 13 heats sinks on the mech means it can fire every single turn- as soon as you are in range, start shooting.

As a hunter-killer it bullies most light mechs with the PPC and SRM pack- opposing light mechs can’t take a hit or two on the PPC, and it is only a handful of lights like the Jenner which can challenge the Panther.

All for a light much low battle value buy in.

More Panther tactica in the podcast below.


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