Battletech Mech Tactics: Nova Cat

The invasion of the inner sphere is underway…

Restoring justice, order, and human rights- freedom from the corruption of the so called great houses.

All under the watchful eye of the Clans of course…

Continuing our mech review tactics we are switching over from the inner sphere to explore some of the workings of some of my favorite and most potent Clan mechs.

At the top of the list is the Nova Cat. An all energy heavy mech it has the triple threat of range, damage, and redundancy with its weapon systems: 3 ER large lasers, and 2 ER PPC. Plus enough double heat sinks to keep up a terrifying rate of fire. With it you are hitting at 20+ hexes with 10-15 point of damage, and with duplicates of each weapon offering a good chance of hitting at the higher to-hit brackets of 9+.

Layer over this excellent armor and surprising speed for the tonnage and you have a truly hunter like mech. BUT, even with the decent armor, as with all mechs, the arms have the least armor, and with all the weapons being mounted in the arms, a lost arm will cut your firepower in half, and further to zero.

It very rare that I have lost both arms, but not unusual to lose one over the course of the battle.

At long range the Nova Cat can get you, at medium range it can get you, and at close range it can get you- it has no minimums to range, and while at close or physical attack range one will still be firing the weapons, at the same time it can still kick.

One of the pinnacle achievements of the Clans.

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