Battletech Mech Tactics: Mongoose

In this week’s BATTLETECH mech post we take a look at the Mongoose as a light recon/skirmish mech in the game.

Often pushed as an update and replacement for the Locust, just how much does it deliver?

We start with 3 medium lasers and 1 small laser, which for a light mech is some serious firepower: 3 medium lasers gives you both redundancy and a decent amount of range vs. damage vs. heat. The small laser seems a bit out of place, but we will circle back to that in a moment…

The real tactica for the Mongoose which puts it as a deep recon mech is the Beagle active probe- a chance to scan and detect hidden units 4 hexes away. This tech opens up two options for the ‘goose. Run around full speed detecting hidden units or objectives, calling in the assault mechs, or even better a firebase of LRM carriers and units that are ready to rain down the pain of indirect fire.

Second option is as a quick hit and run attack- and this is where the small laser comes in. When a unit is detected, often the Mongoose is very close- the nature of the probe.

When revealed there is a chance for a quick alpha-strike attack with all four lasers- certainly pushing the heat, but enough to really hurt similar light mech, or badly motive damage a hidden vehicle.

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