Battletech Mech Tactics: IMP

This week’s BATTLETECH mech review has us focusing on a few of the mechs that bridge the gap between the Inner Sphere and the invasion of the Clans. Clan Wolf’s first entry into mech production, fielded by Wolf’s Dragoons. A grown up Urbanmech.

The IMP. From the narrative in-game universe this is an interesting mech. Unknown clan tech fused with a new mech design, able to fight in the Inner Sphere without revealing the clan tech. A stealth mech of Wolf’s Dragoons. Tactically we see a mix of old and now on a 100 ton assault mech with decent armor given the range of weapons.

The Imp start off with two ER PPCs and an LRM 15 as it’s primary long range weapons.

Fighting against similar Inner Sphere PPC armed mechs the IMP has the advantage of range and damage. BUT, this isn’t a TRUE clan mech. It lacks the heat sinks to effectively use all of it’s weapons, so like many of the Inner Sphere mechs pilots are going to have to stagger the rate of fire. Stand still, use the range of the PPCs and once you open a mech up to internals, start firing away with the LRM 15. 15s at least give you a good spread, and once can always indirect if needed.

Closing the distance the Imp switches over to a large pulse laser and two medium pulse lasers- making it a real treat in medium to close ranges compared to other IS mechs. And finally, two regular medium lasers which seem a bit out of place- but are the “danger close” weapons of the mech. At 1906 battle value it isn’t the most expensive mech, and has a response to all ranges, planning to hold its own and leverage the clan PPCs as the primary attack.

Works and fits, pre-invasion, but once one gets access to true Clan mechs and later upgraded IS mechs with Clan tech, the Imp starts to fall behind.

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