Battletech Mech Tactics: Commando

The eternal BATTLETECH struggle- maximum firepower for cheap low battle value cost. Can it be found on some mechs?

The Commando is one of them…

Stock has the mech with an SRM 6, SRM 4, and a medium laser. No jump jets. Light armor- similar to a locust- take a 10+ hit on your torso and it goes into internals.

Of course one could counter that if you are taking AC 10 or PPC shots against your Commando, things have gone kind of wrong. Certainly no jump jets hurts this mech, so we are going to have to be extra careful with the when and where we commit. Tactically, for a light mech, the Commando has the most alpha-strike capability second only to a Jenner- but at a significant less cost in battle value.

The Commando makes for a great back line hunter- stuff like LRM carriers and other support vehicles, artillery, mobile HQ sitting in your opponent’s deployment zone that you want to take out- but don’t want to commit a medium or heavy, or all that battle value to do it.

Send in the Commando.

Commando is also good at finishing off breached mechs- so your medium or heavy can move on. The crit seeking spread of the missiles and the medium laser as a bonus means running up behind mechs and firing on rear armor gives you a good spread of hitting rear side or center torso. Plus if needed, one can punch, but the SRM’s are a better value in shooting.

Commando puts out good damage for a small size, speed, and VERY economical battle value.

Just need to know when to commit.

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