Battletech Mech Tactics: Charger

One of the interesting things about Battletech, compared to other sci-fi wargames is just how heavily the narrative is interlaced in the game.

War is big business, and mechs are made to sell for war- not all mechs are equal or even that effective on the tabletop.

Reading through the ‘tech manuals you see that some mechs were made for very specific scenarios and tactics- some very specialized like the Rifleman or the Vulcan…

…while other for roles that don’t quite play out.

Look at various recon mechs- the bug mechs like the locust, stinger, and wasp. These mechs are built for speed to perform a hit and run, or recon role on the table- but *if* they get hit or engage in combat they go down fast.

The challenge and trade off for such a light and nimble machines.

Imagine being in the board roam and coming up with this idea.

Let’s sell a recon mech with speed, and maximum armor- strip down an assault class mech, give it a SPEED, and keep the weapons to a minimum.

Enter the Charger.

I love playing Charger for the lolz it bring to the table, and in mid to high battle value games when you have a few points to spare, it fun to get on the table.

So how can we use such an enigmatic machine?

Long game out-flank.

Being an assault class mech with speed means we have the armor to engage and take multiple hits. The Charger *will* get to that point on the table- can even shrug off some AC/20 hits. It *can* operate on its own and for 981 BV- a steal this is how I run it.

Deploy on the side of the table or hex map.

Run up and around said side, getting behind your opponent.

Use the tonnage of the assault mech to literally punch and kick- for punching a 1 in 6 chance of literally popping a head off. Kicks are equally as savage.

Medium lasers?

Don’t dismiss them- used correctly they are effective as crit seekers.

If I’m outflanking and moving to my opponent’s deployment zone, there are going to be mechs by mid game that have pulled back from the center fight- mechs that might have armor gone opening up externals and criticals.

The Charger getting to these machines and pop firing all those small lasers- all 5 to crit seek.

A fun machine to play.

Mechwarrior, I’m giving you the go ahead to pick up a Charger and add it to your miniature collection.

See you in the game!

Check out my Battletech Charger vlog below.

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