Battletech Mech Tactics: Black Knight

This week’s BATTLETECH mech review has us looking the that BLACK KNIGHT…

Every time I see the Black Knight I think of Tetsujin 28- they even both have the axe.

I don’t see this mech much on the table, and I have a few ideas why. Weapons. The BK starts off as an all energy mech which means no worries of ammo explosion, running out of ammo, and it has a brace of its energy weapons outside the arms so it can run as a zombie mech. You are going to have to completely destroy it, core it out, to take it out.

On the way in at long range we start firing away with the PPC. Closer switches to two large lasers.

Followed by 4 medium lasers.

And one small laser.

20 heat sinks- not double heat sinks. T

actically the Black Knight can engage at any range and put down consistent shots at each range, but even with the 20 heat sinks it has to stagger it’s firing- and that is the problem.

When you close to 4-5 hexes away you can’t fire off everything without overheating- which at it’s tonnage and tech level, you will potentially be facing off against mechs that have the weapons and heat dissipation that can.

The Black Knight looks like front line attacker, but really its a supporting energy mech.

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