Battletech Mech Tactics: Assassin

The Assassin, does it live up to the name?

Continuing our Battletech exploration of medium mechs.

The biggest challenge of the Assassin is that is a low tonnage medium mech and one needs to think of it more as a heavy light mech. It is great with beating on other light mechs, but going head-to-head or engaging other medium mechs becomes a problem.

The Assassin starts with the LRM 5 for some long range shooting, followed by a medium laser- of which the combination of these two is going to be the main weapons to attack with.

When the mech closes it adds the SRM-2 which is a bit weak, often not worth the danger of closing with other mechs.

Is it a bad machine?

Not fully, but it is in an odd tonnage band which has it outclassed by select light and medium mechs for the swing in battle value.

More Assassin tactics in my Battletech vlog below.

See you in the game!

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