Battletech Mech Review: Warhawk

Tactically, on all levels I consider the Warhawk a true command mech, a terrifying war-machine fit for a Star Commander.

Truly and assault class mech. The core tactics of the mech are built around the 4 ER PPCs as a primary and the LRM 10 as a secondary.

These weapons push out long range at 20+ hexes, deliver above average consistent damage with the PPC’s, and have redundancy to actually hit at the higher range brackets. Balancing this out is the heat management- even with the double heat sinks, the Warhawk can’t fire all its weapons every turn- at least not all the PPCs. So why mount all those weapons?

Of just drop the missiles- they seem a bit out of place? A few considerations. As soon as you are in range, especially being energy weapons you start shooting. Range wise, with no minimums the Warhawk can engage at any range and stay at the weakest range for the opponent.

Meaning, if you are up against an Atlas, you can and should stay at medium range of possible- cutting down on the AC 20 and laser attacks from it- the Warhawk doesn’t have to close to use its weapons in terms of range and minimums. Use the PPC’s to punch through and open up internals, shifting to the LRM for some crit seeking. And while you don’t have the heat sinks for sustained PPC fire, you can pull a single turn alpha strike at close range. Move up close so you are at short range to the target.

Don’t move so no walk or run modifier. Engage the targeting computer and fire all 4 PPCs. Add to this good speed and armor for an assault mech and you have a real beast of a machine.

A few more layers…

Targeting computer as standard- adding that bonus to hit, or helping to make called shots- combined with the multiple PPCs, again make it scary.


Like most clan mechs, the primary weapon systems are in the arms- if you lose an arm, you lose 2 of the primary weapons. Heat management is also important. And of course high battle value.

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