Battletech Mech Review: Cataphract

The Cataphract is one of those mechs you don’t see that often on the Battletech table top. Thoughts why? Some see it as a spiritual successor to the Battlemaster, while for others it is the poor man’s Battlemaster.

Representing the Capellan Confederation in the narrative, it is a Frankenmech.

We start off with the LB-X AC 10 and the Ultra AC 5. Gives the mech good long range and low heat buildup- so as soon as we are in range we start shooting, and firing away every turn after that.

Doesn’t have the damage of the PPC as a main side-arm, but the 10 with a choice of ammo, and the Ultra give it a sustained punch- fire away even if you need “12”s to hit. As we close, we switch to the medium lasers, two of which are in the back.

Tactically I’d rather have them in the front, although I can see why. Sometimes you will get surrounded, usually by lights and attack vehicles, especially if you are working on a delaying action with the mech, the lasers give it good punch from the rear- keeping the other lasers and autocannons for the forward facing targets.

Added to this is CASE which takes all the risk out of dual autocannons and jump jets. How is this a bad mech?

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