Battletech Mech Review: Blackhawk

In exploring various Battletech tactics as it relates to the clans, many of the ‘Clan mechs are built for sustained firepower at all ranges.

Multiple weapons that have no minimum range and you literally outgun your opponent while employing fancy toys like targeting computers. But even in the Clans, like the Inner Sphere there are some odd and interesting mechs. Enter the Blackhawk.

A medium mech with average speed for its weight class, excellent armor, and a boost to maneuverability through jump jets. Pretty standard medium mech fare.

But then we layer on *12* ER medium lasers. 12. The entire mech is built around this weapon and number. 15″ maximum range, when combined with the speed of this mech puts it in a medium to close engagement mech- a bit odd for the Clans since it has no long range punch.

Given the number of lasers, we want to make sure they all hit- so getting close to cut down on the range modifiers and walking vs. running to cut down on the movement modifiers. 7 damage a shot, firing multiple lasers is a deadly light show. Once the Blackhawk gets on your mech, it is going to be above average damage every turn.

Counter is that the Blackhawk does have to watch its heat, BUT one does have the option, once an opposing mech goes into internal damage, to fire everything you can to deliver a crit seeking alpha strike. The Blackhawk is also a total vehicle killer- not just in armor blasting, but equally or more important on being able to hit with multiple shots and cause lots of stacking motive damage- its easy to immobilize vehicles.

Not that a Clansman wan’t to be engaging non-honor bound vehicles. The mech is also an excellent citytech and urban fighter.

Ranges tend to be shorter when fighting in a city, and slower in that there are less places to move flat out or run- keeping that modifier of how many hexes moved down as well.

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