Battletech Hover Tank Tactics

Being based in the 1980’s future vision, BATTLETECH has front and center with combined arms a number of hover tanks and hover attack units.

Combining the lower battle value of vehicles, and the speed and more of light mechs, they occupy a unique position on the hex map.

The primary attribute of any hover vehicle compared to similar tracked or wheeled vehicles is speed- they are fast, and we are going to be moving with them every turn, maximum hexes to get that modifier to protect us.

But how are we going to use that speed?

Long range hover units can use LRM systems to attack from the best position- zip to position, fire away, shift to a new position as the battle unfolds.

Short range hover units- mounting SRM systems and AC/20 zip point blank rear armor- especially deadly on medium and heavy mechs.

Branching out from these two tactia we begin to explore the various hover units in the Battletech universe.

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