Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Starting A Role Playing Group

You have that new RPG ruleset in hand.

Excited to jump into the narrative, full of adventure ideas, how do we get started?

Finding some players.

Building up your own role playing game group.

Location is the first question.

Where are you going to play the game?

Are there any local gaming stores, hobby shops, or comic shops in your area?

Many of these stores offer space to play and will host weekly events to play role playing games- checking in with the store manager is a great place to start.

A secondary options and one that is a bit more intimate is to play locally at your place or a friends place, which makes navigating new players to a game difficult.

There is also the option of a hybrid- both at home and at a gaming store.

In locating player for a game, consider running a starting adventure. A single run adventure that you can invite everybody to play, and from there decide to continue playing or joining a group- a kind of buy before you try setup.

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