Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Invisible Sun Role Playing Game Review

The Invisible Sun role playing game is an ambitious and unique role playing experience, but the main question as always is how will it play with your gaming group.

As a game master will you enjoy running the games?

What initially attracted me to the Invisible Sun was its use of dreams and magic.

In traditional sword and sorcery role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons I love playing a magic-user or magic based character, in Dark Heresy I'm always a psyker- sanctioned by the Golden Throne of course, so the use of magic intrigues me. Magic as a creative forces is KEY in Invisible Sun so the narrative is something I'm eager to explore.

Jumping into the mechanics- the nuts and bolts of the system we have spell cards, D10 dice, skills and attributes, nothing ground breaking, but a solid mechanical system which works...

...but how the *adventures* are run is something that I had never seen before.

There is a game master who runs the rules, but the adventures are created in the moment, real time, between the players and the GM. 

Each player has a backstory of goals and ambitions for the character, and these plots and hooks are used to evolve each gaming session as they explore and work to achieve these goals- and they can range from anything- self discovery, to become something, revenge, etc. 

What this means, is esentially the game master is also a player in the game and works with the players to create the story. 

Who knows what each gaming session will bring...

A very intoxicating idea.

Is Invisible Sun an RPG I regularly play.


Not when compared to my weekly Dungeons & Dragons game.

Invisible Sun requires a different kind of player to work, a different type of creativity and ability in a player and a GM.

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