Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How To Play Role Playing Games Solo

Can you play a role playing game solo?

As both a player and a game master exploring the RPG experience through solo play offers many opportunities for adventure.

For many of us the tabletop RPG experience is the gold-standard. Getting together with friends to tell a story, roll some dice, and adventure in strange and exciting lands.

But there are times, where real life gets in the way of gaming- work, school, or a change in schedule.

Solo role playing gives you a chance to continue to explore the narrative while your schedule gets back on track.

As a game master, playing an RPG solo gives you a chance to explore and test out the rules of the system, explore an adventure, or test out new characters- literally taking things for a test drive.

One of the ways to do this as a player or GM is through the use of an emulator- MYTHIC being an excellent example.

A game emulator is one that simulates encounters through the use of a D100 percentile. It populates the dungeons room, setting, or point of contact moment in each section by asking a series of questions and confirming yes or no, from which the player makes decisions with each character of what to do next.

Emulators are a great way to dive in and test out an adventure.

Prepare for glory!

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