Monday, June 29, 2020

Dungeons & Dragons: Skipping The Lower Levels

One of the most satisfying aspects of Dungeons & Dragons is in watching your character grow in scope and power over the course of the game.

Magic items and gold are important, but earning that XP, gaining levels and growing in feats and abilities is the narrative of the game.

Starting your character at level one and climbing to the heights of power.

But do you have to always start at level 1?

Nothing in the rules states you have to start at level 1.

Much depends on your gaming group and what you want to run.

There are times when you might want to really run a specific adventure module- maybe on that is for character levels 5-6.

Start the part off at level 6.

But for long term D&D play, tabletop games where you are meeting with a group each week, starting at level one and building from there is often best for the full immersive experience.

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