Coronavirus COVID-19 & Tabletop Wargaming

Now six months in with the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, what does the state of gaming look like here in New York?

How has the time been spent?

Gaming stores and clubs have been closed since mid-March, and only now are slowly reopening for curb-side pickup or limited in-store shopping.

The dedicated local gaming clubs are all still closed, and for the sake of safety and social distancing I haven't had a chance to play tabletop with any of my gaming friends.

Been painting lots of models- mostly old stock and projects, but a few new additions to the collection.

For the first time in living memory I've painted up all my Warhammer 40,000 models- finishing my Necrons and Chaos Space Marines- just in time as 40K 9th is dropping and there is an incoming fury of new and amazing Necron models.

I've added some more Battletech mechs and tanks, along with a entire new group of WW II Germans for Chain of Command.

Been painting up my board games also- Conan is done, along with Zombicide Invader.

Going to finish up my Runebound figs by next week.

Been building terrain for Pacific Rim.

I'm almost out of paint, and critically low on brushes.

Tabletop I've been building lists with my Eldar and looking at some new Battletech lance builds for when the Clan Invasion drops. Crazy for a guy who for the past fifteen years has more or less played tabletop at least once a week in some capacity be it Warhammer, Battletech, Wings of Glory, X-Wing etc.

Been extremely bummed that the spring and summer competitive season of X-Wing Miniatures has been canceled.

Big question is of course, when will the stores an clubs be safe to open up?

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