Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 & Role Playing Games

We are now six month in regarding the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic here in New York, and what does tabletop role playing games look like?

The weekly gaming at the club or with the group?

Different, but in many ways even better compared to before.

Unlike the Wargaming side of my hobby- Warhammer 40K, Battletech, and Wings of Glory- being face-to-face and in person, that has been completely on hold- in the mean time, been painting lots of miniatures and building terrain.

But Dungeons & Dragons has just shifted to total remote, with more time to actually play, and less distractions that one might find when playing in a store or gaming club. I do miss the physical tabletop, but we are still playing and rolling ahead.

Invisible Sun has been a bit harder given the specialized features of the game, but that just has me as the GM doing a little more work and bookkeeping for the players with regards to the tomes and cards.

I've also been spending a TON of time writing new adventures and building my next campaign- spending the time positioning myself as a GM/DM to be ready for when things do open up and get back to normal with the tabletop group and playing at the store.

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