Warhammer 40K Saim-Han Eldar Tactics

I've divided my Saim-Hann warhost into four groups:



Wave Serpents

Fire Prisms.

Tactically the entire group works together using speed to isolate enemy units and destroy them through volume of dice. Bu isolate I mean positioning myself so that I can attack a unit on the table and be in a position on the table to receive the least amount of return fire from other enemy units. 

Let's imagine I'm attacking a unit of Space Marines.

The Jetbikes get close enough to shoot the Space Marines.

The Vypers position themselves behind the Jetbikes since they have a longer range and volume of shooting- the optimal position is so they can shoot the Space Marines, but also have range to another enemy unit.

The Fire Prisms are further back with range to the Space Marines and another unit.

The Jetbikes shoot first- if they wipe out the Space Marines, the Vypers and Fire Prisms shoot at the next isolate target. If the Jetbikes don't wipe out the Marines, the Vypers attack them, if the Vypers don't the Fire Prisms do.

Layering the dice to make sure a unit is wiped out, move to the next if it is.

The Wave Serpents, depending on the size of the game, and what I'm feeling in the moment might have Guardians, Dire Avengers, or Fire Dragons. The target for the are units who have been weakened by the Jetbikes and need to be destroyed, but based on positioning and trying to limit my losses of Jetbikes due to return fire, will move to attack. 

What about Space Elf magic?

There is a fifth group- Farseers who operate adding support and using psychic power + the mobility of the jetbikes, but these operate independently of the rest of the warhost for maximum effect.

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